Can You Install Microsoft Software License Terms on More Than One Computer?

Denise Wilkinson

If you’re a fan of Microsoft software, you might be wondering if it’s possible to install your license on more than one computer. After all, with the increasing number of devices we use for work and play, it’s only natural to want to extend the use of your software license beyond a single device.

But is it legal? Let’s find out.

What Are Microsoft Software License Terms?

When you purchase a Microsoft software product, you are buying a license to use that product. The license terms define the conditions under which you can use the product. These terms are usually presented in a document called an End User License Agreement (EULA) that you must accept before using the software.

Can You Install Your Microsoft License on More Than One Computer?

The short answer is: it depends on your license agreement. Some Microsoft licenses allow for installation on multiple devices while others restrict usage to a single device only. It’s important to read the EULA carefully before installing any Microsoft software.

Types of Licenses

Microsoft offers different types of licenses depending on the intended usage:

  • Retail/OEM Licenses: These licenses are purchased from authorized retailers or hardware manufacturers and come with specific usage restrictions.
  • Volume Licenses: These licenses are purchased in bulk for use within organizations and typically offer more flexibility in terms of installation and usage.
  • Subscription Licenses: These licenses are based on a monthly or yearly subscription fee and may offer different usage restrictions depending on the plan.

Usage Restrictions

The EULA for each type of license will specify how many devices the software can be installed on and how many users can access it at any given time. For example, some retail or OEM licenses may allow installation on only one device, while others may permit installation on up to three devices.

Transferring Licenses

If you want to transfer your Microsoft license from one device to another, you must first uninstall the software from the original device. Some licenses may allow for unlimited transfers, while others may limit the number of times you can transfer the license.


In summary, whether you can install your Microsoft software license on multiple devices depends on the type of license you have and its specific usage restrictions. It’s important to read the EULA carefully before installing any Microsoft software and to ensure that you are using it within the terms of your license agreement.