Do Computer Engineers Make Software?

Denise Wilkinson

Computer engineering is a field that combines electrical engineering and computer science to develop computer hardware and software. It involves designing, developing, testing, and maintaining computer systems and their components.

But the question arises, do computer engineers make software Let’s find out.

What is Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the design, development, testing, and maintenance of computer systems. It involves understanding both hardware and software aspects of computers. Computer engineers are responsible for creating efficient and reliable computer systems that meet the needs of users.

What Do Computer Engineers Do

Computer engineers work on various aspects of computer systems. They design and develop computer hardware such as microprocessors, circuit boards, memory devices, and networking components. They also create software applications that run on these hardware components.

Computer engineers are responsible for ensuring that the software works seamlessly with the hardware components to provide an efficient computing experience to users.

Do Computer Engineers Make Software

The answer is yes! Computer engineers do make software. They design and develop software applications for various purposes such as operating systems, databases, web applications, mobile apps, gaming software, etc.

The primary goal of computer engineers while developing software is to ensure that it works effectively with the underlying hardware components. They use programming languages such as Java, C++, Python, etc., to write code for these applications.

What Skills Do Computer Engineers Need to Develop Software

  • Programming Skills: As mentioned earlier, programming skills are essential for computer engineers to develop software applications. They must have a good understanding of programming languages such as Java, C++, Python etc., to write efficient code for these applications.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Computer engineers need to have excellent problem-solving skills to develop software applications.

    They should be able to identify problems in the software and come up with effective solutions to fix them.

  • Teamwork: While developing software, computer engineers need to work in teams. They should be able to collaborate with other team members effectively to ensure that the software development process is streamlined and efficient.


In conclusion, computer engineers do make software. They are responsible for designing and developing software applications that run on various hardware components.

To develop software, computer engineers need programming skills, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. So if you are interested in pursuing a career in computer engineering, you can expect to develop both hardware and software components.