Do You Know What the PulsePoint Mobile App Is?

Patrick Burnett

If you’re someone who is concerned about cardiac health and wants to be prepared in case of an emergency, then PulsePoint is the mobile app for you. This app is designed to help people respond more quickly to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) incidents, which can save lives.

What Is PulsePoint?

PulsePoint is a free mobile app that connects CPR-trained individuals with people experiencing SCA in public places. It uses the location services on your phone to alert you if someone nearby needs CPR. The app also provides directions to the nearest automated external defibrillator (AED), which can be used to help restart a person’s heart.

How Does PulsePoint Work?

When someone calls 911 to report an SCA incident, the information is sent to PulsePoint’s servers. The app then alerts users within a quarter-mile radius of the incident location who have opted-in to receive notifications. If you’ve indicated that you’re CPR-trained in the app, it will also provide directions to the nearest AED.

Why Is PulsePoint Important?

The American Heart Association estimates that 350,000 people experience sudden cardiac arrest each year in the United States alone. Unfortunately, only 10% of those people survive. One of the reasons for this low survival rate is that most people don’t receive CPR from bystanders before emergency medical services arrive.

PulsePoint aims to bridge this gap by connecting trained individuals with those who need immediate assistance. By using technology, it can significantly reduce response times and increase survival rates for SCA incidents.

How Can You Get Involved?

If you’re interested in becoming part of the PulsePoint community, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Download and install the free app from either Google Play or the App Store.
  • Create a profile and indicate that you’re CPR-trained.
  • Enable notifications so that you can receive alerts when someone nearby needs help.

Remember, PulsePoint is a community-driven initiative, so the more people who participate, the better it works. By getting involved, you could potentially save a life and make your community a safer place.


PulsePoint is an innovative mobile app that makes it easy for CPR-trained individuals to help those in need during SCA incidents. By using location services and push notifications, it can quickly connect users with emergencies happening nearby. If you’re someone who is passionate about cardiac health and wants to make a difference in your community, PulsePoint is definitely worth checking out.