Does ESO Have a Mobile App?

Tyler Yates

If you’re an avid player of The Elder Scrolls Online, you may be wondering if there’s a mobile app available to enhance your gaming experience. Unfortunately, at this time, ESO does not have an official mobile app. However, there are still some options available to stay connected with the game on the go.

Third-party Apps

While there is no official ESO mobile app, there are several third-party apps that can help you stay up-to-date with the game. For example, the ESO Toolkit app provides information on quests, skills, and crafting recipes. It also includes a map of Tamriel and allows you to track your character’s progress.

Another popular option is the ESO Price Check app, which helps you determine the value of items in the game’s economy. This can be especially useful if you’re looking to buy or sell items in-game.

Mobile-Friendly Website

In addition to third-party apps, ESO also has a mobile-friendly website that allows you to access your account information and browse news and updates about the game. You can log in using your ESO account credentials and view your characters’ stats and inventory.

What about Companion Apps?

Some games offer companion apps that allow players to perform certain actions while away from their console or PC. For example, Fallout 4 has a companion app that lets players manage their in-game inventory and build settlements from their mobile device.

However, at this time, there is no companion app available for ESO. While it would certainly be convenient to manage inventory or check guild chat from a mobile device, it seems that Bethesda Game Studios has not prioritized developing such an app for ESO.

In Conclusion

While it may be disappointing that there is no official ESO mobile app at this time, there are still options available for staying connected with the game on the go. Third-party apps like ESO Toolkit and ESO Price Check can provide useful information, and the mobile-friendly website allows you to access account information and game updates.

As technology continues to advance, it’s possible that we may see an official ESO mobile app or companion app in the future. Until then, we’ll just have to make do with the resources available to us.