Does Logseq Have a Mobile App?

Tyler Yates

Are you someone who likes to stay organized and productive on-the-go? If yes, then you must be wondering if Logseq, the popular note-taking tool, has a mobile app. In this article, we’ll explore the answer to this question and provide you with some alternatives if you can’t access Logseq on your mobile device.

What is Logseq?

Before we dive into whether Logseq has a mobile app or not, let’s first understand what it is. Logseq is an open-source note-taking tool that allows users to organize their notes in a hierarchical structure using Markdown. It also offers features like backlinking, tags, and daily notes that make it a powerful productivity tool for knowledge workers.

Does Logseq have a Mobile App?

Unfortunately, as of now, Logseq doesn’t have an official mobile app for iOS or Android devices. This means that if you’re someone who relies heavily on your smartphone or tablet for productivity work, you won’t be able to use Logseq unless you access it through your device’s web browser.

Alternative Ways to Use Logseq on Mobile Devices

While there’s no dedicated mobile app for Logseq yet, there are still some alternative ways to use it on your mobile device:

  • Accessing the Web App: You can access the web version of Logseq on your mobile device by opening your preferred browser and going to the website. The interface is optimized for desktop use but is still functional enough on smaller screens.
  • Using a Third-Party App: There are some third-party apps available that allow users to access their Logseq notes on their mobile devices.

    One such app is “LogSeq Mobile,” which is available for iOS devices only. However, keep in mind that these apps may not be as reliable as the official app and could potentially compromise your data.

  • Syncing with a Cloud Service: If you use Logseq on your desktop or laptop, you can sync your notes with a cloud service like Google Drive. This way, you can access your notes on the go using any device that supports the cloud service.


Logseq is undoubtedly one of the best note-taking tools available today, but unfortunately, it doesn’t have an official mobile app yet. However, with some creative workarounds, you can still access and use Logseq on your mobile devices. Hopefully, in the future, we’ll see an official mobile app from Logseq that will make it even easier to stay productive on-the-go.