Is Apex Legends Mobile on App Store?

Irene Olsen

Apex Legends Mobile has been a highly anticipated release for fans of the popular battle royale game. However, many players are left wondering if the mobile version is available on the App Store.

The Answer: No, Apex Legends Mobile is currently not available on the App Store.

Despite being announced in 2019, there is still no official release date for Apex Legends Mobile. The game’s developers, Respawn Entertainment, have been tight-lipped about its progress.

Why isn’t it available?

There could be a variety of reasons why Apex Legends Mobile has yet to be released on the App Store. One possibility is that Respawn Entertainment wants to make sure that the game runs smoothly and without any major bugs before releasing it to the public.

Another reason could be that they are waiting for a specific time or event to release it. It’s not uncommon for game developers to strategically plan their releases around big events or holidays to maximize their impact and reach more players.

Regardless of the reason, many fans are eagerly waiting for any news regarding its release.

What can we expect from Apex Legends Mobile?

Although there is no official release date yet, we do know some details about what to expect from Apex Legends Mobile.

The mobile version will feature similar gameplay mechanics as its PC and console counterparts. Players will still drop onto an island with 60 other players and fight until only one squad remains. The game will also feature unique characters with special abilities and weapons to choose from.

Additionally, Respawn Entertainment has stated that they are working hard to optimize the game for mobile devices. This means that players can expect smooth gameplay even on lower-end devices.

  • New Features: One exciting aspect of Apex Legends Mobile is its potential new features designed specifically for mobile devices.
  • Cross-Platform Play: Another feature that the developers have hinted at is cross-platform play, which would allow players on mobile devices to play with those on PC and console.
  • Free-to-Play: Like its PC and console counterparts, Apex Legends Mobile will be free-to-play. However, there may be in-game purchases available for players who want to enhance their gaming experience.


While Apex Legends Mobile is not currently available on the App Store, players can still look forward to its eventual release. Respawn Entertainment has promised that they are working hard to optimize the game for mobile devices and create an exciting experience for fans of the franchise.

In the meantime, fans can stay updated on any news regarding Apex Legends Mobile by following Respawn Entertainment on social media or checking their website for updates. With any luck, we’ll see Apex Legends Mobile hit the App Store sooner rather than later.