Is Fortnite Mobile Still on the App Store?

Patrick Burnett

Fortnite Mobile was a popular game that could be downloaded from the App Store. However, in August 2020, it was removed from the App Store due to a legal dispute between its developer, Epic Games, and Apple.

What is the legal dispute about?
Epic Games introduced an in-app payment system in Fortnite Mobile that bypassed Apple’s payment system. This move was against Apple’s policies, and they promptly removed Fortnite Mobile from the App Store. Epic Games then filed a lawsuit against Apple alleging that they are operating a monopoly by forcing developers to use their payment system and charging a 30% commission on all transactions.

What happened next?
Since then, there have been several legal battles between Epic Games and Apple. In September 2020, Epic Games tried to get an injunction that would allow them to put Fortnite back on the App Store while the case is being heard. However, the judge denied this request as they believed that Epic Games had violated their contract with Apple.

In November 2020, another hearing took place where both parties presented their arguments. The final verdict is yet to be announced.

So is Fortnite Mobile still on the App Store?

No, currently Fortnite Mobile is not available on the App Store. Even if you had previously downloaded it before it was removed, you cannot reinstall it or update it as it requires access to the App Store.

However, you can still play Fortnite Mobile if you have already downloaded it on your device before its removal or if you download it from other sources like Google Play for Android devices. It’s important to note that downloading apps from outside of official app stores comes with risks such as malware and security vulnerabilities.

What does this mean for users?

For those who were avid players of Fortnite Mobile on iOS devices, this means they cannot access updates or new features released by Epic Games. It also means that they cannot play with other players who have access to the latest version of the game.


In summary, Fortnite Mobile was removed from the App Store due to a legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple. It’s not currently available for download from the App Store, but users who have previously downloaded it can still play it. The legal battle is ongoing, and it remains to be seen whether Fortnite Mobile will ever return to the App Store.