Is Indy Mobile App Indian?

Denise Wilkinson


Indy Mobile App is a popular mobile application that allows users to search and book flights, hotels, and travel packages. The app claims to provide the best deals on flights and hotels. However, many people are confused about whether Indy Mobile App is an Indian app or not.

The Origin of Indy Mobile App:

The Indy Mobile App was developed by an Indian startup called Ibibo Group in 2013. The Ibibo Group is a joint venture between South African technology group Naspers and Chinese internet giant Tencent. The Group has its headquarters in Gurugram, India, and operates various online platforms such as Goibibo, redBus, and Ryde.

The Acquisition:

In 2016, the Ibibo Group was acquired by MakeMyTrip Limited. MakeMyTrip is an Indian online travel company that provides online travel services such as flight tickets, hotel bookings, holiday packages, and bus tickets. The acquisition made MakeMyTrip one of the largest players in the Indian online travel industry.

Current Status:

Currently, Indy Mobile App is owned by MakeMyTrip Limited, which is an Indian company. Therefore it can be safely concluded that Indy Mobile App is an Indian-owned application.


In conclusion, Indy Mobile App may have been founded by a joint venture between international companies; however, it is now owned by an Indian company. Hence it can be considered as an Indian mobile application that provides users with the convenience of booking flights and hotels on-the-go.

  • Pros of using Indy Mobile App:
    • It provides a user-friendly interface for easy navigation.
    • It offers the convenience of booking flights and hotels at any time, from anywhere.
    • It provides competitive pricing and offers attractive deals on flights and hotel bookings.
  • Cons of using Indy Mobile App:
    • Some users may be reluctant to use the app due to security concerns while making online transactions.
    • The app may not provide a personalized touch that some users may prefer while booking travel packages.

In conclusion, Indy Mobile App is an Indian-owned mobile application that provides a convenient platform for users to book flights, hotels, and travel packages. With its user-friendly interface and attractive deals, it has become a popular choice among travelers in India. However, it’s essential to take necessary precautions while making online transactions and exercise caution while sharing sensitive information.