Is the Mobile Passport App Better Than Global Entry?

Denise Wilkinson

In today’s world, traveling has become a necessity rather than a luxury. As the world becomes more connected, more people are exploring new destinations each year. However, with this increased travel comes long lines at customs and immigration checkpoints. To help alleviate these wait times, the US government has introduced two programs: Global Entry and Mobile Passport.

Both programs aim to expedite the customs process for eligible travelers. But which one is better? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Global Entry?

Global Entry is a program offered by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that allows pre-approved travelers to enter the United States faster and with fewer formalities. It requires an online application, an in-person interview at an enrollment center, and a fee of $100 for five years of membership.

Once approved for Global Entry, travelers can use automated kiosks at select airports instead of waiting in long lines for passport control. The kiosks scan your passport and fingerprints, ask you some questions about your trip, and then print out a receipt that you show to the CBP officer upon exiting.

What is Mobile Passport?

Mobile Passport is an app that allows US citizens and Canadian visitors to expedite their entry into the United States. It requires no interview or fee but does require downloading the app onto your smartphone or tablet.

To use Mobile Passport, simply fill out your profile information on the app before you travel. Once you arrive in the United States, open the app and answer a series of questions about your trip. Then submit your answers to CBP through the app’s secure encryption system.

When you arrive at customs, show your passport and mobile device with your submission confirmation to a CBP officer in the designated Mobile Passport line.

Which one is better?

The answer depends on what you value most: convenience or cost-effectiveness. Global Entry offers more convenience with its automated kiosks that are available at more airports than Mobile Passport. However, it does require an interview and a fee.

On the other hand, Mobile Passport requires no interview or fee but is only available at certain airports and may not be as widely recognized by CBP officers as Global Entry.


In conclusion, if you travel frequently and want to save time at customs, both Global Entry and Mobile Passport are great options. Global Entry offers the most convenience but comes with a cost, while Mobile Passport is free but may not be as widely recognized. Ultimately, the choice depends on your personal preferences and travel habits.