Is There a Free App That Shows Property Lines?

Denise Wilkinson

Are you looking for an app that can help you determine property lines? Maybe you’re planning to build a fence or just curious about the boundaries of your land.

Whatever the reason may be, there are several apps available that allow you to easily determine property lines. The best part? Some of these apps are completely free!

What are Property Lines?

Before we dive into the different apps available, let’s first define what property lines are. A property line is the legal boundary that separates one piece of land from another. These lines are established by a land survey and recorded in official documents such as a deed or plat map.

Free Apps That Show Property Lines

1. LandGlide – This app uses GPS technology to show property lines on an interactive map. It’s free to download and provides basic information such as property boundaries, owner’s name, and parcel ID number.

2. MapRight – This app allows you to create custom maps with property lines and other features such as buildings, roads, and waterways. While the basic version is free, there are additional features available for purchase.

3. GeoFRED – This app is designed for real estate professionals but can also be used by homeowners to access data such as property boundaries and tax assessment values. It’s free to use but requires registration.

4. iCMTGIS – This app is specifically designed for land surveyors but can also be used by homeowners who want to measure their own property lines accurately. The basic version is free but additional features require payment.

Other Ways to Determine Property Lines

While these apps make it easy to determine property lines, there are other ways to get this information:

1. County Records – You can access official documents such as deeds or plat maps at your county recorder’s office or online through their website. Land Surveyor – If you need precise measurements or have complex property lines, it’s best to hire a licensed land surveyor to conduct a survey. Neighborly Agreement – In some cases, neighbors can come to an agreement on property line disputes without the need for legal action or surveys.


Determining property lines is important for various reasons, and there are several free apps available that make it easy to access this information. From LandGlide to MapRight, these apps provide basic property line information that can be useful for homeowners and real estate professionals alike. However, it’s important to keep in mind that official documents such as deeds or plat maps are still the most accurate source of information.