Is There a Free App to Identify Bird Calls?

Denise Wilkinson

Have you ever been on a nature walk and heard a beautiful bird call, but had no idea what bird it came from? Or perhaps you’re an avid birdwatcher looking to expand your knowledge of different bird species. Whatever the reason may be, you may be wondering: is there a free app to identify bird calls?

The answer is yes! There are several free apps available that can help you identify bird calls based on their unique sound patterns. Here are some of the best options:

Cornell Lab of Ornithology BirdNET

One of the most popular and well-regarded free apps for identifying bird calls is Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s BirdNET. This app uses machine learning algorithms to analyze recorded bird sounds and match them to their corresponding species.

Users can either record a bird call in real-time or upload an existing audio file for analysis. The app also provides detailed information about each identified species, including photos, range maps, and descriptions of their behavior and habitat.

Merlin Bird ID by Cornell Lab

Another great option from Cornell Lab of Ornithology is Merlin Bird ID. While not specifically designed for identifying bird calls, this app can still be useful for this purpose thanks to its extensive library of over 750 North American birdsongs and calls.

Users can listen to different examples of each call and compare them to the one they heard in the wild. The app also provides other useful features such as photo ID, range maps, and personalized location-based recommendations for nearby birds.

iBird Lite

iBird Lite is a comprehensive birding app that includes both identification tools and educational resources for learning more about different species. The free version includes access to over 50 common birdsongs and calls, as well as photos, descriptions, range maps, and other information about each species. Users can also search for birds based on characteristics such as size, color, and location.


ChirpOMatic is a popular bird identification app developed by the British Trust for Ornithology. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze bird calls and match them to their corresponding species.

The app can identify over 400 European bird species, and users can record or upload audio files for analysis. The app also provides detailed information about each identified species, including photos, descriptions, and tips for distinguishing similar sounding calls.

In conclusion

Whether you’re a seasoned birder or just starting out, these free apps can be valuable tools for identifying different bird calls and expanding your knowledge of the natural world around you. Try them out on your next nature walk or backyard birding session!