Is There Software That Tracks Computer Activity?

Patrick Burnett

Are you curious about whether there is software that tracks computer activity? The answer is yes, there are numerous programs available that can monitor and record various aspects of computer usage. In this article, we will discuss the different types of computer activity tracking software and their uses.

What is Computer Activity Tracking Software?

Computer activity tracking software refers to programs that can monitor and record different activities on a computer. These programs can track keystrokes, web browsing history, emails, chat conversations, application usage, and more. The purpose of this software is to keep track of what users are doing on a particular device or network.

Types of Computer Activity Tracking Software

There are several types of computer activity tracking software available in the market. Some of the most common ones are:

1. Keyloggers

Keyloggers are one of the most popular types of computer monitoring software. They track every keystroke that a user makes on a particular device or network. This includes passwords, usernames, and any other sensitive information entered via the keyboard.

2. Web Monitoring Software

Web monitoring software is used to track web browsing activities. It records website URLs visited by users, time spent on each website, and even captures screenshots of web pages viewed.

3. Email Monitoring Software

Email monitoring software tracks emails sent and received by users on a device or network. It can also capture attachments sent or received with those emails.

4. Application Monitoring Software

Application monitoring software monitors the use of specific applications installed on a device or network. This type of software can keep track of how frequently an application is used and for how long.

The Legality Of Using Computer Activity Tracking Software

The legality of using computer activity tracking software depends on various factors such as the type of software used, the purpose of monitoring, and local laws. In most cases, it is legal to use this software on company-owned devices or networks to monitor employee productivity and prevent data leaks. However, using such software to monitor personal devices or networks without consent may be illegal and could lead to legal consequences.


In conclusion, computer activity tracking software can be used for various purposes such as monitoring employee productivity, preventing data loss, and protecting against cyber threats. However, it is essential to use such software legally and responsibly. Before using any computer activity tracking software, make sure you know the local laws regarding its usage.