Is Thinkorswim Mobile App Good?

Irene Olsen

Thinkorswim is a mobile app developed by TD Ameritrade that allows users to trade stocks, options, futures, and forex from the convenience of their mobile devices. But is it a good tool for traders? Let’s take a closer look.

Overview of Thinkorswim Mobile App

Thinkorswim Mobile App has a sleek interface that is easy to navigate. The app provides real-time quotes, charts, and news that are essential for traders to make informed decisions. It also has an impressive selection of technical indicators and drawing tools that allow traders to perform in-depth analysis.

Pros of Thinkorswim Mobile App

1. Easy Navigation:
One of the biggest advantages of Thinkorswim Mobile App is its intuitive interface.

The app is designed to make it easy for traders to find what they need quickly. The navigation bar at the bottom allows users to switch between different sections like watchlists, charts, and account information with just a tap.

2. Real-time Data:
Another significant advantage of the Thinkorswim Mobile App is its real-time data updates.

Users can view real-time quotes and news updates on their mobile devices without any delay. This feature allows traders to stay up-to-date with market changes and make informed decisions.

3. Customization:
The Thinkorswim Mobile App provides users with customization options like watchlists, alerts, and chart settings. Traders can create custom watchlists based on their preferences or set up alerts for price changes or news updates.

4. Technical Indicators:
The app offers a wide range of technical indicators like moving averages, Bollinger Bands, Relative Strength Index (RSI), and more that are essential for performing technical analysis.

Cons of Thinkorswim Mobile App

1. Limited Order Types:
One of the downsides of Thinkorswim Mobile App is that it offers limited order types.

Users can only place market, limit, and stop orders on the app. More advanced order types like trailing stops or conditional orders are not available.

2. Resource-intensive:
The app is resource-intensive and requires a stable internet connection to function properly. Users may experience lag or delays in data updates if their internet connection is slow.


Overall, Thinkorswim Mobile App is a good tool for traders who are looking for a mobile trading platform with real-time data updates and customization options. The app’s intuitive interface and wide range of technical indicators make it a powerful tool for performing technical analysis on-the-go. However, its limited order types and resource-intensive nature might be a concern for some traders.

If you’re looking for a mobile trading platform that provides real-time data, technical analysis tools, and customization options, Thinkorswim Mobile App might be worth considering.