What Are the Best Free Games on the App Store?

Denise Wilkinson

Are you looking for some fun games to play on your phone without having to spend a single penny? Look no further than the App Store! Here are some of the best free games available that are sure to keep you entertained for hours.

1. Among Us

One of the most popular mobile games of 2020, Among Us is a multiplayer game where players work together to identify and eliminate imposters on their spaceship.

With its colorful graphics and simple gameplay, it’s easy to see why this game has taken the world by storm.

2. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a classic puzzle game that has been around for years, but it still remains one of the most addictive and entertaining free games on the App Store.

Match colorful candies in rows of three or more to earn points and progress through hundreds of levels.

3. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is an endless runner game that takes place in various cities around the world.

Players must run, jump, and slide their way through obstacles while collecting coins and power-ups. With its vibrant graphics and fast-paced gameplay, Subway Surfers is perfect for those who need a quick adrenaline rush.

4. Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO took the world by storm when it was first released in 2016, and it’s still going strong today.

This augmented reality game allows players to catch Pokémon in real-world locations using their phone’s GPS. With regular updates and events, there’s always something new to discover in this immersive game.

5. Solitaire

Sometimes all you need is a classic card game like Solitaire to pass the time.

This free version of the popular game comes with multiple game modes, customizable backgrounds, and daily challenges to keep things interesting.

6. Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a fast-paced multiplayer game where players battle it out in various game modes.

With its colorful graphics and unique characters, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

7. Clash Royale

From the makers of Clash of Clans comes Clash Royale, a multiplayer strategy game where players collect and upgrade cards featuring their favorite Clash characters.

With its fast-paced gameplay and intense battles, this game is perfect for those who enjoy a challenge.

8. Words with Friends 2

If you’re a fan of word games, then Words with Friends 2 is a must-play.

This popular Scrabble-like game allows players to compete against friends or random opponents online while expanding their vocabulary and strategic skills.


There are countless free games available on the App Store, but these eight are some of the best and most popular options out there. Whether you’re looking for puzzle games, strategy games, or something in between, there’s sure to be something on this list that will capture your attention and keep you entertained for hours on end.