What Computer Software Do Lawyers Use?

Irene Olsen

As technology continues to advance, lawyers are increasingly relying on computer software to help them manage their cases and streamline their work. Here are some of the most commonly used software applications in the legal industry:

Case Management Software

One of the most important types of software that lawyers use is case management software. This type of software helps lawyers keep track of all the information related to a case, including client information, case documents, and deadlines.

Some popular case management software options include:

  • Clio: A cloud-based platform that allows lawyers to manage their cases from anywhere.
  • MyCase: An intuitive and easy-to-use platform that includes features like time tracking and online payments.
  • PracticePanther: A comprehensive platform that offers features like document management and task automation.

Document Management Software

Lawyers also frequently use document management software to organize and maintain their case documents. This type of software allows attorneys to store, share, and collaborate on documents in a secure and organized manner.

Some popular document management software options for lawyers include:

  • iManage: A leading document management system that allows lawyers to easily search for and retrieve documents.
  • NetDocuments: A cloud-based platform that offers advanced security features like two-factor authentication.
  • Worldox: A flexible document management system that can be customized to meet the needs of individual law firms.

E-Discovery Software

E-discovery software is another important tool for lawyers, particularly those who handle large-scale litigation. This type of software helps attorneys search through vast amounts of electronic data (like emails or social media posts) to find relevant information for their cases.

Some popular e-discovery software options for lawyers include:

  • Relativity: A comprehensive e-discovery platform that includes features like analytics and machine learning.
  • Logikcull: A cloud-based platform that allows lawyers to easily upload and review electronic documents.
  • Kcura: A powerful e-discovery software platform that offers advanced search capabilities.


These are just a few examples of the software applications that lawyers commonly use in their work. By leveraging these tools, attorneys can manage their cases more efficiently, collaborate with colleagues more effectively, and provide better service to their clients.