What Does Kardia Mobile App Do?

Tyler Yates

Are you looking for a reliable way to monitor your heart health? Look no further than the Kardia Mobile app!

This innovative app has been designed to help users keep track of their heart health on a daily basis. In this article, we’ll explore the features of the Kardia Mobile app and how it can benefit you.

What is the Kardia Mobile App?

Kardia Mobile is an app that allows users to monitor their heart health from their smartphone. The app works in conjunction with a small, portable EKG device that attaches to the back of your smartphone or tablet. This device records your heart’s electrical activity and sends the data to the app, where it can be analyzed and interpreted.

Features of the Kardia Mobile App

The Kardia Mobile app offers a wide range of features designed to help users monitor their heart health. Some of these features include:

  • Instant EKG Analysis: The app provides an instant analysis of your EKG readings, so you can quickly assess whether your heart rhythm is normal or if there are any abnormalities.
  • Smart Rhythm: This feature uses artificial intelligence to continuously monitor your heart rhythm in the background. If it detects any irregularities, it will alert you so you can take action.
  • Personalized Heart Health Report: The app generates a personalized report based on your EKG readings and other health data, which you can share with your doctor or cardiologist.
  • Clinical-Grade EKGs: The portable EKG device used with the Kardia Mobile app is FDA-cleared and provides clinical-grade EKG readings.

How Does It Work?

Using the Kardia Mobile app is easy and straightforward. Simply attach the portable EKG device to the back of your smartphone or tablet, open the app, and place your fingers on the sensors. The app will guide you through the process of taking an EKG reading, which only takes 30 seconds.

Once you’ve taken an EKG reading, the app will provide an instant analysis of your heart rhythm. You can also view a history of your previous EKG readings and track any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Benefits of Using the Kardia Mobile App

There are many benefits to using the Kardia Mobile app for heart health monitoring. Some of these benefits include:

  • Early Detection: By monitoring your heart health on a regular basis, you can catch any potential issues early on and seek treatment before they become more serious.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that you’re actively monitoring your heart health can give you peace of mind and reduce anxiety about potential health issues.
  • Better Communication with Your Doctor: The personalized heart health report generated by the app can help facilitate better communication with your doctor or cardiologist about your heart health.


In summary, the Kardia Mobile app is an innovative tool for anyone looking to monitor their heart health on a daily basis. With features like instant EKG analysis, personalized heart health reports, and clinical-grade EKGs, this app offers a wide range of benefits for users. So why not give it a try and take control of your heart health today?