What Does the Xfinity Mobile App Do?

Patrick Burnett

Are you an Xfinity Mobile customer looking for a convenient way to manage your account on-the-go? Look no further than the Xfinity Mobile app!

This powerful app allows you to manage your account, monitor your data usage, and even purchase new devices. Let’s take a closer look at what the Xfinity Mobile app can do for you.

Account Management

The Xfinity Mobile app makes it easy to manage your account from anywhere. With just a few taps, you can view your current bill, make payments, and even update your personal information. You can also view your device payment plan and upgrade eligibility.


Managing your billing has never been easier with the Xfinity Mobile app. You can view and pay your bill right from the app. Plus, you can set up automatic payments so you never miss a due date.

Data Usage

The Xfinity Mobile app lets you stay on top of your data usage by showing how much data you’ve used in real-time. You can also see which apps are using the most data and set up alerts to let you know when you’re getting close to reaching your monthly limit.

Device Purchases

Looking for a new phone or tablet? The Xfinity Mobile app has got you covered. You can browse the latest devices and accessories, compare specs and prices, and even make purchases right from the app.

Device Trade-In

Thinking about upgrading to a new device? The Xfinity Mobile app makes it easy to trade-in your old device for credit towards a new one. Simply select your device model and condition, get an estimate for its trade-in value, then ship it off for free.


In conclusion, the Xfinity Mobile app is an essential tool for any Xfinity Mobile customer looking for a convenient way to manage their account on-the-go. From managing your billing and data usage to browsing and purchasing new devices, the Xfinity Mobile app has everything you need to stay connected.

So why wait? Download the app today and take control of your Xfinity Mobile experience!