What Functions Can Be Customized for the Salesforce Mobile App?

Patrick Burnett

The Salesforce Mobile App is an excellent tool for sales teams to stay connected and on top of their game while on-the-go. It provides a seamless experience for users to access data, collaborate with team members, and manage leads and opportunities.

One of the best things about the Salesforce Mobile App is that it allows you to customize functions to fit your specific business needs. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the functions that can be customized for the Salesforce Mobile App.

Customizing Navigation Menu
The navigation menu is an essential part of the Salesforce Mobile App. It allows users to easily access different sections of the app.

By default, the navigation menu includes standard objects such as Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, and Leads. However, you can customize this menu by adding or removing items according to your business requirements.

To customize the navigation menu, go to Setup > Mobile Navigation. Here you can add new items by selecting ‘Add’ or remove existing ones by selecting ‘Remove.’ You can also rearrange items by dragging and dropping them into place.

Customizing Record Pages
Record pages are where users view and edit individual records in Salesforce. The Salesforce Mobile App allows you to customize record pages based on your business requirements. You can add or remove fields, change field layouts, and even create new sections on record pages.

To customize record pages in Salesforce Mobile App, go to Setup > Object Manager > select object > Page Layouts. Here you can make changes to the page layout by dragging fields around or adding new sections.

  • Customizing Actions

Actions are shortcuts that allow users to perform specific tasks quickly in Salesforce. The standard actions available in the Salesforce Mobile App include Log a Call, New Task, New Event, Send Email, etc. However, you can customize these actions based on your business requirements.

To customize actions in Salesforce Mobile App, go to Setup > Object Manager > select object > Buttons, Links, and Actions. Here you can create new custom actions or edit existing ones.

Customizing App Branding

You can customize the branding of the Salesforce Mobile App to match your company’s brand identity. You can change the app icon, login screen, and even the color scheme of the app.

To customize app branding in Salesforce Mobile App, go to Setup > Mobile Branding. Here you can upload a custom app icon and set a custom color scheme for the app.


Customizing functions in Salesforce Mobile App can help you tailor the app according to your business needs. By customizing navigation menus, record pages, actions, and branding, you can provide a personalized experience for your users. So take advantage of these customization options to make the most out of Salesforce Mobile App.