What Happened to the DPSS Mobile App?

Patrick Burnett

In recent years, the DPSS mobile app has been a popular tool for many people to stay informed about important safety updates and campus news. However, in recent months, it seems that the app has disappeared from both the App Store and Google Play. So what happened to the DPSS mobile app?

The history of the DPSS mobile app

The DPSS mobile app was first launched in 2014 as a way for students, staff, and faculty at the University of Michigan to access important safety information quickly and easily. The app provided real-time updates on emergencies, crime alerts, and other safety-related news.

Over time, the app evolved to include additional features such as a map of campus buildings, a directory of emergency contacts, and even a tool for reporting suspicious activity. These features made it an indispensable tool for many people on campus.

Why did the DPSS mobile app disappear?

Despite its popularity with users, the DPSS mobile app was not without its flaws. One issue that was frequently cited by users was that the app had not been updated in some time. This meant that some of the information provided by the app may have been outdated or inaccurate.

Another potential reason for the disappearance of the DPSS mobile app is that it may have been replaced by other tools or services offered by the University of Michigan. For example, there are now multiple social media accounts run by DPSS that provide updates on safety issues and other news.

It’s also possible that there were technical issues with the app that made it difficult or impossible to maintain. As anyone who has developed an app can attest, keeping an application up-to-date and functional can be a challenging task.

What are my options now?

If you were a regular user of the DPSS mobile app and are wondering what your options are now that it’s gone, there are several alternatives available to you.

One option is to follow DPSS on social media. The department maintains active accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram where they post updates on safety issues and other news.

Another option is to bookmark the DPSS website and check it regularly for updates. The website includes a range of information on safety resources, crime prevention tips, and emergency procedures.

Finally, if you have a specific question or concern related to safety on campus, you can always contact DPSS directly. The department has a 24/7 hotline that you can call at any time for assistance.


While the disappearance of the DPSS mobile app may be disappointing for some users, there are still plenty of ways to stay informed about important safety updates and campus news. Whether you choose to follow DPSS on social media, bookmark their website, or contact them directly with questions or concerns, there are options available that will allow you to stay connected with the department and keep yourself safe while on campus.