What Is Computer Aided Dispatch Software?

Denise Wilkinson

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) software is a powerful tool used by emergency response teams, law enforcement agencies, and other organizations to streamline their operations and improve response times. This software automates many of the processes involved in dispatching personnel and resources to emergencies, making it an essential tool for any organization that needs to respond quickly and efficiently.

What Is Computer Aided Dispatch Software?

Computer Aided Dispatch software is a specialized type of software that provides a centralized platform for managing emergency response operations. It allows dispatchers to quickly and easily manage incoming calls, assign resources, and track the progress of emergency responders.

How Does Computer Aided Dispatch Software Work?

The basic operation of CAD software involves three primary components: call taking, resource management, and incident tracking.

Call Taking: Operators use specialized software to receive incoming calls from individuals reporting an emergency. The operator will gather critical information about the situation such as location, nature of the emergency, and any other pertinent details. They will then enter this information into the CAD system.

Resource Management: Once the call has been entered into the system, the dispatcher can then assign resources such as police officers or firefighters to respond to the incident. The CAD system will typically display a map of the area with icons that represent available resources. Dispatchers can drag and drop these icons onto the map to assign them to specific incidents.

Incident Tracking: As responders arrive on scene and begin working on the incident, they will update their status in real-time using mobile devices or computers. This information is then relayed back to the CAD system so that dispatchers can monitor progress and make adjustments as necessary.

Benefits Of Computer Aided Dispatch Software

  • Faster Response Times: By automating many of the processes involved in dispatching responders, CAD software can significantly reduce response times. This is critical in emergency situations where every second counts.
  • Improved Resource Allocation: With real-time information about the location and status of all available resources, dispatchers can make more informed decisions about how to allocate personnel and equipment.
  • Better Record Keeping: CAD software provides a centralized platform for storing all incident-related data, making it easier for organizations to track performance over time and identify areas for improvement.
  • Increased Safety: By providing responders with real-time information about the incident they are responding to, CAD software can help them make more informed decisions and avoid unnecessary risks.


In today’s world, emergency response teams need every advantage they can get when it comes to managing complex operations. Computer Aided Dispatch software is an essential tool that can help organizations respond faster, allocate resources more effectively, and keep their personnel safe. By leveraging the power of technology, organizations can improve their operations and better serve their communities.