What Is the Best Free Meeting App?

Irene Olsen

In today’s digital age, more and more people are working remotely or from home, which makes online meetings a necessity. With so many meeting apps available for free, it can be challenging to choose the best one for your needs. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular free meeting apps and help you decide which one is best suited for you.

Microsoft Teams

One of the most well-known meeting apps is Microsoft Teams. It’s part of Microsoft Office 365 Suite and offers a comprehensive set of features that allow you to communicate with your team members efficiently. You can use Microsoft Teams to make audio and video calls, share files, collaborate on documents in real-time, and even schedule meetings.


  • Integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft Office products.
  • Offers an excellent set of features for team collaboration.
  • Allows you to record meetings that you can access later.


  • The app requires a Microsoft account to use.
  • The user interface can be overwhelming for first-time users.
  • The mobile app lacks some features compared to the desktop app.


ZOOM has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its simple interface and reliable performance. It’s easy to use and allows you to host meetings with up to 100 participants for free.

  • Simple user interface.
  • You can create breakout rooms where participants can have separate discussions during the meeting.
  • The app provides an option for virtual backgrounds during video calls.
  • Security concerns have been raised about the app in recent years.
  • The free version has a 40-minute time limit for group meetings.

Google Meet

Google Meet is another popular meeting app that’s part of Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite). It offers a straightforward interface and allows you to join meetings directly from your web browser.

  • Easy to use and straightforward interface.
  • No need to install any software as it works directly from your web browser.
  • The app integrates seamlessly with other Google Workspace products like Gmail and Google Calendar.
  • Some features are only available for paid versions of Google Workspace.
  • The app doesn’t offer virtual backgrounds like ZOOM or Microsoft Teams.

Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings is another popular meeting app that offers an extensive set of features. You can use it to host meetings, make calls, share files, and collaborate on documents in real-time.

  • The app offers an extensive set of features for team collaboration.
  • You can use it to schedule meetings directly from Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.
  • The free version has a time limit of 50 minutes per meeting.


    In conclusion, choosing the best free meeting app depends on your needs and preferences. If you’re already using Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams could be an excellent choice for you.

    If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use app, ZOOM or Google Meet could be the way to go. Finally, if you want a comprehensive set of features, Cisco Webex Meetings could be the perfect choice for you.