What Is the Best Free Walking App?

Denise Wilkinson

Are you someone who loves to take long walks, but always ends up lost or unsure of where to go? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to track your walking progress and set goals for yourself. Whatever your reason may be, there are plenty of walking apps available that can help you get the most out of your daily walks.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best free walking apps available and what makes them stand out from the rest.

1. MapMyWalk

MapMyWalk is a popular walking app that is free to use.

It allows you to track your walking routes and distance, as well as monitor your pace and calories burned. The app also has a social aspect that allows you to connect with friends and join challenges.

One unique feature of MapMyWalk is its ability to provide audio feedback during your walk. This can help keep you motivated and on track with your goals. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

2. Walkmeter

If you’re looking for a more advanced walking app, Walkmeter may be just what you need. This app is designed specifically for serious walkers and provides detailed information about your walks including elevation changes, split times, and heart rate data.

In addition to tracking your walks, Walkmeter also allows you to create customized training plans based on your fitness level and goals. The app even includes voice coaching during your walk to help keep you motivated. Walkmeter is available for iOS devices only.

3. Pacer

Pacer is another popular walking app that is free to use. It offers basic tracking features including step counting, distance tracking, and calorie monitoring.

One unique feature of Pacer is its community aspect which allows you to connect with other users in real-time. You can join groups based on common interests or fitness goals, share photos and tips, and even compete in challenges.

Pacer is available for both iOS and Android devices.

4. Google Fit

Google Fit is a free walking app that is available for both iOS and Android devices.

It tracks your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned throughout the day. The app also integrates with other fitness apps including MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, and Strava.

One unique feature of Google Fit is its ability to track your activity even when you’re not actively using the app. This means you can still get credit for your walks even if you forget to start tracking them manually.


Whether you’re a serious walker or just starting out, there’s a walking app out there that can help you achieve your goals. From basic step tracking to advanced training plans, these apps have something for everyone.

So why not give one of these free walking apps a try? You might be surprised at how much they can help improve your daily walks and overall fitness level.