What Software Can Increase Volume on Computer?

Denise Wilkinson

Are you tired of straining to hear your favorite songs or videos on your computer? Do you often find yourself reaching for the volume button to increase the sound, only to realize that it’s already at its maximum level? If so, then you need software that can increase the volume on your computer.

Fortunately, there are several options available, both free and paid, that can help boost the sound on your computer. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best software options for increasing volume on your computer.

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a popular open-source media player that supports various audio and video formats. It also has a built-in feature that allows you to boost the volume up to 200% of its original level. To use this feature, follow these steps:

  • Open VLC Media Player and go to Tools > Preferences.
  • Click on the Audio tab and check the box next to “Enable audio normalisation.”
  • Move the “Pre-amplification” slider up to increase the volume.

2. Equalizer APO

Equalizer APO is a free and open-source audio equalizer software for Windows. It allows you to adjust and enhance sound quality using various filters and effects. To increase volume using Equalizer APO:

  • Download and install Equalizer APO from their official website.
  • Open Configurator.exe from the installation directory.
  • Select your audio device from the drop-down menu.
  • Increase the “Preamp” slider to boost overall volume.

3. Boom 3D

Boom 3D is a premium audio enhancer software for Windows and Mac systems. It offers features like 3D surround sound, equalizer presets, and volume boost. To increase volume using Boom 3D:

  • Download and install Boom 3D from their official website.
  • Open the software and click on the “Volume Boost” option.
  • Move the slider to increase the volume up to 200%.

4. FXSound

FXSound is a paid audio enhancer software that offers features like equalizer presets, bass boost, and volume boost. It supports various media players like Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. To increase volume using FXSound:

  • Download and install FXSound from their official website.
  • Open the software and click on the “Volume” option.
  • Move the slider to increase the volume up to 500%.


In conclusion, there are several software options available that can help increase the volume on your computer. Whether you prefer free or premium software, there is something for everyone. So go ahead and try out these options to enjoy your favorite music or videos at a higher volume level than ever before!