What Software Comes on a Dell Computer?

Denise Wilkinson

When you purchase a Dell computer, it comes with a host of software pre-installed. This software varies depending on the model and configuration of your Dell computer. In this article, we will take a closer look at the software that typically comes pre-installed on Dell computers.

Operating System

The operating system is the most essential software that comes pre-installed on every Dell computer. The majority of Dell computers come with Microsoft Windows as the default operating system. However, some models may come with Ubuntu or other Linux distributions.

Productivity Software

Dell computers typically come with Microsoft Office trial version or Office 365 subscription pre-installed. These applications include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. In addition to Microsoft Office, Dell also installs various productivity tools such as Dropbox and McAfee antivirus software.

Entertainment Software

Dell computers are usually equipped with entertainment software like Windows Media Player, CyberLink PowerDVD, and VLC media player. These applications let you play various multimedia files such as videos and music without having to download additional software.

Dell SupportAssist

Dell SupportAssist is a useful tool that comes pre-installed on all Dell computers. It helps users troubleshoot technical issues by running diagnostic tests and provides solutions to common problems.

Other Pre-Installed Software

Apart from the above-mentioned software, Dell also installs various other utilities that enhance your computing experience. These include:

  • Dell Update: Allows you to update your Dell computer’s drivers and firmware.
  • Dell Digital Delivery: Lets you download additional software purchased from Dell.
  • Dell Mobile Connect: Lets you connect your smartphone to your Dell computer wirelessly.
  • Dell Power Manager: Helps you manage your computer’s battery life.


In conclusion, Dell computers come with a broad range of pre-installed software that caters to the needs of various users. From productivity software to entertainment software, Dell has got you covered. Additionally, Dell’s support tools make it easier for users to resolve technical issues and keep their computer up to date.