What Type of Software Controls the Hardware of a Computer Quizlet?

Irene Olsen

When it comes to the question of what type of software controls the hardware of a computer on Quizlet, the answer is a bit complex. There are actually several different layers of software involved in managing the hardware components of a computer.

At the lowest level, there is firmware. This is software that is stored on chips embedded in specific hardware components like hard drives, video cards, and motherboards. Firmware provides low-level control over these components and helps them communicate with other parts of the computer system.

Above firmware, there is device driver software. Device drivers are small programs that allow specific hardware components to communicate with the operating system and other software installed on a computer. Without device drivers, your operating system wouldn’t know how to interact with your printer, keyboard, or other peripherals.

The operating system itself also plays a crucial role in controlling hardware. Windows, macOS, Linux, and other operating systems all include built-in software that manages system resources like CPU usage and memory allocation. These programs also handle input/output operations for devices like hard drives and USB ports.

Finally, application software can also have an impact on how hardware behaves. For example, video editing software might take advantage of specialized graphics card features to speed up rendering times.

To sum up: The type of software that controls the hardware of a computer on Quizlet includes firmware at the lowest level; device drivers to facilitate communication between components; operating systems to manage resources and input/output operations; and application programs that can leverage specialized hardware features for specific tasks.

Hopefully this brief overview has helped clarify how different types of software work together to control your computer’s underlying hardware!