What Was the First Mobile App Store?

Tyler Yates

The mobile app store has become an integral part of our lives. We use it to download and install various apps that make our lives easier. But have you ever wondered what was the first mobile app store?

Well, the first mobile app store was launched in July 2008 by Apple Inc. It was called the App Store, and it revolutionized the way we use our smartphones. The App Store was initially launched for iPhone users and later expanded to include iPad and iPod Touch users.

The Birth of App Store
The idea for the App Store was born when Steve Jobs realized that third-party developers could create apps for the iPhone that would enhance its functionality. Jobs envisioned a platform where developers could showcase their apps, and users could easily download and install them on their iPhones.

Jobs’ vision became a reality when Apple launched the App Store with just 500 apps in its inventory. Today, the App Store has over 2 million apps, making it one of the largest mobile app stores in the world.

The Impact of App Store
The launch of the App Store had a profound impact on how we use our smartphones. It opened up a new world of possibilities for both developers and users. Developers were able to showcase their creativity and innovation by creating apps that catered to every need of smartphone users.

On the other hand, users were able to access a wide range of apps that made their lives easier. From gaming to social media, productivity to entertainment, there is an app for everything on the App Store.

The Evolution of Mobile App Stores

After Apple’s success with its App Store, other mobile operating systems followed suit and launched their own app stores. Google launched the Android Market (now known as Google Play) in October 2008, which allowed Android users to access thousands of apps.

Microsoft launched its own Windows Phone Marketplace in October 2010, which offered apps for Windows Phone users. BlackBerry also launched its own app store in April 2009, called BlackBerry App World.

Today, there are numerous mobile app stores available, catering to different operating systems and devices. These include Amazon Appstore, Samsung Galaxy Store, Huawei AppGallery, and more.


In conclusion, the first mobile app store was launched by Apple in July 2008. The App Store revolutionized how we use our smartphones and opened up a new world of possibilities for developers and users alike. Today, there are numerous mobile app stores available that cater to different operating systems and devices.