What’s the Best Free Mahjong App?

Irene Olsen

Mahjong is a classic game of skill and strategy that has been around for centuries. It originated in China and has since become a popular pastime all over the world.

With the rise of technology, it’s now possible to play Mahjong on your phone or tablet, making it more accessible than ever before. But with so many free Mahjong apps available, how do you know which one to choose? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best free Mahjong apps out there.

1. Mahjong Solitaire: Classic

Mahjong Solitaire: Classic is a free app that offers a straightforward and clean interface for playing Mahjong.

The game features multiple levels with increasing difficulty, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced players. One of the best things about this app is that it’s ad-free, which makes for an uninterrupted gaming experience.


  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty
  • Ad-free
  • Clean and straightforward interface


  • No multiplayer option
  • Limited customization options

2. Mahjong Epic

Mahjong Epic is another popular free app that offers a wide range of features and customization options. With over 1,500 different boards to choose from, this app provides endless hours of gameplay. Additionally, there are daily challenges and achievements to keep you engaged.


  • Over 1,500 boards to choose from
  • Daily challenges and achievements
  • A variety of customization options


  • Ads can be intrusive
  • Some users report issues with the app freezing or crashing

3. Mahjong Titan

Mahjong Titan is a free app that boasts over 1,800 different boards and 30 different tile sets, making it one of the most extensive Mahjong apps available. The game also offers a variety of themes and backgrounds to choose from, allowing you to customize your gaming experience. Additionally, Mahjong Titan features an undo and shuffle button, which can be helpful for beginners.

  • Over 1,800 different boards and 30 tile sets
  • A variety of themes and backgrounds to choose from
  • Undo and shuffle buttons available
  • The app is ad-supported
  • Sometimes the tiles on the board are too small for easy viewing on smaller screens

4. Microsoft Mahjong

If you’re looking for a free Mahjong app with polished graphics and smooth gameplay, Microsoft Mahjong might be the one for you. This app features five different game modes, including Daily Challenges and Multiplayer mode. Additionally, Microsoft Mahjong syncs your data across devices if you sign in with your Microsoft account.

  • Five different game modes
  • Daily Challenges and Multiplayer mode available
  • Syncs data across devices with a Microsoft account
  • The app is ad-supported
  • Some users report issues with the app crashing or freezing


There are many free Mahjong apps available, each with its own set of features and pros and cons. Ultimately, the best app for you depends on your personal preferences and what you’re looking for in a Mahjong game.

If you’re looking for a straightforward and ad-free experience, Mahjong Solitaire: Classic is an excellent choice. If you want a wide range of customization options, Mahjong Epic might be more your style. And if you’re looking for polished graphics and multiple game modes, Microsoft Mahjong is worth checking out.

No matter which app you choose, one thing is certain: playing Mahjong on your phone or tablet is a great way to pass the time while challenging your mind and improving your skills.