Which App Gives Free Mobile Data?

Denise Wilkinson

Are you tired of constantly running out of mobile data? Well, there are actually apps out there that offer free mobile data.

Yes, you read that right! In this article, we will go over some of the top apps that give free mobile data.

Data Recharge & Data Saver 4G

This app offers free data for trying out new apps and completing surveys. You can also earn more data by inviting friends to download the app. The best part is that this app also has a data saver feature that compresses your browsing data to save you even more precious mobile data.

Databack App

The Databack app allows you to earn free data by simply using your favorite apps. This app works by giving you back a percentage of the mobile data you use while using certain apps, such as Facebook or Instagram. You can then use the earned data to recharge your phone.


Holafly is an international SIM card provider that offers free mobile data for traveling abroad. All you need to do is purchase a Holafly SIM card and activate it before your trip. Once activated, you’ll receive a welcome bonus of free mobile data that varies depending on the country you’re visiting.


Taskbucks is another app that rewards users with free mobile data for completing simple tasks like downloading new apps or referring friends. The app also has its own wallet where users can redeem their earnings for cash or other rewards.


Gigato is another popular app that offers free mobile internet for using certain apps as well as visiting specific websites. You can redeem your earned points for mobile recharge packs from different service providers in India.


In conclusion, there are several apps available today that offer free mobile internet data. From completing simple tasks to traveling abroad, these apps provide users with a variety of ways to earn free data. So why not give them a try and save some money on your mobile data bill?