Which of the Following Enables the Application Software to Interact With the Computer Hardware?

Tyler Yates

When we talk about a computer system, there are two major components that come into play – the hardware and the software. Computer hardware refers to the physical components of a computer system such as the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and motherboard.

On the other hand, software refers to a set of instructions or programs that tell the computer what to do. In order for application software to interact with computer hardware, there needs to be a mediator that facilitates this interaction. This mediator is known as an operating system.

An operating system is a type of software that manages all the other software and hardware on a computer system. It acts as an interface between the application programs and the computer hardware. The operating system provides various services to application software such as input/output operations, memory management, file management, and security.

Input/output operations refer to communication between the application software and external devices such as printers, scanners or external hard drives. Memory management involves allocating memory space for different programs running on the system.

File management includes creating, deleting or modifying files stored on secondary storage devices like hard disks. Finally, security involves protecting data from unauthorized access.

In addition to these services provided by an operating system, device drivers also play an important role in enabling application software to interact with computer hardware. Device drivers are small programs that communicate with specific hardware devices like printers or sound cards. They act as intermediaries between application software and hardware devices by translating commands from one language into another.

Without an operating system and device drivers, application software would not be able to communicate with computer hardware directly and would need specialized programming for each device it wants to interact with. This would make it difficult for developers to create cross-platform applications.

In conclusion, it is clear that an operating system is necessary for enabling application software to interact with computer hardware effectively. It provides various services like input/output operations, memory management, file management and security which facilitate communication between applications and external devices while device drivers act as intermediaries between application software and specific hardware devices. Understanding these concepts is crucial for anyone who wants to develop software that interacts with computer hardware.